Alert – Kindly note that NexGen Data Entry do all projects in-house and do not entertain outsourcing to a 3rd party or individual.

Outsource Foreclosure Services to NexGen

Foreclosure Services

NexGen Data Entry is the top-notch mortgage and foreclosure outsourcing service provider, enabled in rendering end-to-end foreclosure assistance services. Due to the rising defaulters in recent times, the consistent management of the complete foreclosure process has turned out to be a risk-involving and challenging activity. But we are here to eliminate your burden and foreclosure listing obstacles at an affordable pricing package.

Hire our foreclosure-related services and cut down your operational cost by 60%

Our trained BPO experts have an impeccable and proven track record of serving the global mortgage/foreclosure clients with accurate and transparent services. Outsourcing your worthy foreclosure assistance services to our team will facilitate your business to focus on the core functions. We will help you to easily foreclose upon or re-sell a property in evasion through our capable and on-time foreclosure solutions.

Foreclosure Services at NexGen Data Entry:

Foreclosure Data Entry

Our team of data entry operators is well-specialized and skilled in extracting the information from various documents such as judicial foreclosure forms, homeowner documents, enrollment forms, borrower financial statements, 3rd party authorization form, a notice of default, etc. The significant data collected from these forms or foreclosure documents include the name of the grantor/grantee, property address, legal description, loan amount/type, recorded date, the expiry date of a loan, financial details of a property, document number, trust number, and so on.

Updated and credible foreclosure information in the client’s database

These crucial details are extracted with the help of sophisticated data capturing tools/software and keyed into a reliable format for generating a better foreclosure listing. Right from capturing, digitizing, preserving, and delivering, our data entry operators will ease the accessibility via our end-to-end foreclosure data entry services. Apart from storing the data in an online database, we’ll also abide by the client’s preference to store the data in offline formats such as XML, DOC, and so on. Our professional team also possesses the capability of reviewing, verifying, and validating the data under the guidance of our experienced quality check controllers.

Foreclosure Processing Services

Alongside the foreclosure data entry services, our team is also well-equipped with the advanced software to implement the foreclosure processing services. The data is easily captured from the various simple and complicated foreclosure forms, followed by digitization and crucial analysis (processing). We undertake the responsibility of implementing a detailed foreclosure processing service within a shorter time frame. NexGen Data Entry has always been renowned for offering cost-effective back office support services to aid the foreclosure, pre-foreclosure processing, short sales, etc.

Few other foreclosure services provided by our rich team of experts include:

  • Valuation of pre-foreclosure
  • Evaluating, monitoring, and maintaining the property
  • Attorney management
  • Remediation management
  • Facilitation closing
  • Contract negotiation

Reasons to Hire NexGen Data Entry for Foreclosure Services!

  1. Evaluation of each of the foreclosure processing case differently and integrating a customized approach
  2. Developing well-tailored foreclosure strategies and ensuring that the outcome is delivered within the stipulated time
  3. Monitoring the foreclosure instances and creating a periodic report via a powerful tracking system, thereby, preventing any delays
  4. Possessing systematized and automated back-office support to implement the foreclosure services including data entry and processing
  5. Providing seamless foreclosure solutions at an affordable cost, saving up to 30-40% off on the operational costs
  6. Comprehensive data security and confidentiality measures alongside the in-house capability of a flexible staffing model
  7. We take the accountability of updating and processing the foreclosure listings regularly
  8. Guaranteeing to complete the internal auditing support services before the foreclosure sale

Having further queries regarding our functioning and workflow? Seek the advice and aid of our professionals at any hour of the day! All you need to do is contact us at [email protected]