Web Lead Research

Our client who approached us for the requirement of web lead research was into the business of publishing the technical training materials for the various courses offered by the community or colleges.

They wanted us to optimize their customer and prospect lists so as to improve their sales conversion. As per their needs, they required our lead research services to carry out an in-depth research about the numerous institutions and programs, offering courses in their subject area.

NexGen Data Entry is a pioneer in providing unique, factual, and informative web research solutions. We developed a three-step customized solution to meet the ultimate level of customer satisfaction.

  • Generalizing the Internet lead search for the various institutes
  • Verification regarding the courses offered, contact details, and the information about the institution
  • Authenticity of the course and the information

Our Process consisted of locating the training institutes, identifying the URL’s related to the actual course description, reviewing the editorial process, and verifying the existence of the course. We saw an increase in their sales activities within a few months.

Our services were highly appreciated and we worked with them on two more similar projects.

“We really appreciate their effort in searching out the unique and less-known facts regarding the particular subject. Great work.” - Client