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Product Data Entry for an E-Store

A couple of months back, NexGen Data Entry was approached by a UK based online store, specializing in the sale of various unique car accessories.

Our client was new to the industry and was still struggling with the building up of the online portal. Previously, the client faced a lot of challenges while dealing with the product data entry task of their e-store. He aspired to enter the data in an accurate and in a speedy way.

He approached us for sorting out the data and categorizing the product data, with an aim to optimize the product meta tags and title and also to improve the product images. Along with these tasks, the client also wanted us to make sure that the product descriptions are enriched with the appropriate keywords, so as to boost the ranking of the e-store on the digital platform.

The task of product data entry, especially for an online store, is a cumbersome and time-consuming work. The online store of our client was easily categorized into numerous categories such as interior accessories, external accessories, etc. Each category was further segmented into sub-categories such as the electronic gadgets, interior lights, and much more. Our main responsibility was to ensure that each product was perfectly placed under the right category.

The entry was supposed to be made 100% accurate and it was required to be handled with complete confidentiality. Most of the products lacked exciting descriptions and thus, we had to fill such gaps with our unique and attractive style of writing. In a span of one month, we had to write the description for 5000 products, which was carried out quite effectively.

To fulfill our client’s bulk data entry and writing requirement, we developed an exclusive and large team of professional data entry specialists and content writers. Our team adopted the concept of double key data entry system. Our professionals analyzed and carried out an in-depth study of the various product categories and how they were beneficial to our client’s vertical. After carrying out the work of product data entry successfully, we optimized the product meta tags and titles with the flawless keywords.

We have always been proud of our team for ensuring the delivery of consistent and precise services, no matter how challenging they seem to appear.

““I was delivered the work before the time mentioned, and the data entry task maintained accuracy and we would definitely seek the assistance of NexGen Data Entry in the future” - Client