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Outsource Title Search and REO Report Services to NexGen

Title Search and REO Reports Services

NexGen Data Entry is the premium offshore based BPO outsourcing company, specialized in rendering the end-to-end title search support and REO report solutions. A title search is an integral concept of the mortgage process and henceforth, our team of experienced specialists will help you to deal with the title support, REO report generation, and other mortgage/foreclosure-related processes.

Explore our affordable title search service and formulate the right decision on a property deal

We involve the blend of sophisticated technologies and professional manpower to deliver the diversified REO services, benefitting the lenders and credit unions. We guarantee that our exclusive services such as document management, title review of the property, etc. follow the strict global business guidelines.

Outsourcing the title search service to our dedicated team will prevent your mortgage business from illegal property purchase. Also, we assure you to prepare a tailored and explanatory report on all the documents/files that were gathered during the search period, ultimately, easing the property analysis.

Our Title Search Services Includes:

1.Title Order Services

We prepare the title report of a property with complete accuracy by obtaining the details of the title company and ordering the title report. We maintain a hassle-free interaction with the title company and key in the recorded details into the customer’s profile. Towards the end, we accomplish the title information in a systematized format.

2.Title Examination Services

The mortgage title examination is a crucial aspect that is essential to safeguard the lender against a fraudulent activity related to the property sale. The closing agent is responsible for performing a title search whereas, it is the sole accountability of the lender to order the title search. Our team will aid you to analyze the financial liabilities and we detect the issues that would cast an effect on the taxes, legal claims, or any property transactions.

3.Title Review Services

The service includes the cross-checking and authentication of ownership history, a timeline of the property purchase, verifying the credibility of the report, eliminating the countless risks associated with the title transfer, and detecting and solving issues related to the financial transactions. All these are essential to minimize and prevent any sort of fraud-based activities.

4.Title Insurance Processing

If your valuable client requires title insurance, we can solicit it on your behalf. Our team of title insurance specialists has a deeper proficiency in the domain of coverage and terms, thereby, simplifying the hassles related to back office support of the title insurance process. We are well-equipped with the best-automated tools for data capture and document indexing, boosting our clients to accomplish the requirements rapidly. Our title insurance service ensures that your property is protected even after the sale.

5.Title Commitment Services

The title commitment is generally received from the title company after the implementation of the title search. The report details the insurance conditions of the property title. We’ll help you to analyze the title commitment report and expose the various defects. Our well-to-do processing team will minimize the challenges associated with errors (being present in the title information). Our sophisticated CRM system will authenticate the credibility of the title commitment information.

NexGen Data Entry is one of the prominent names in the industry when it comes to the offering of REO support services to the agents and brokers.

Here’s a close look at our REO support services!

REO Listing

Rendering the finest REO listing services to the globally displaced real estate business firms. Our cost-effective REO listing services include the valuation, administration, billing, and broker registration concepts. We’ll help the brokers to get connected with the global networks and establish a powerful relationship with the customers and related banks.

REO Reimbursement

We’ll update the details about vendors, collecting bids, invoice tracking, finishing off the reimbursement forms, etc. Our team will undertake the accountability of managing the paperwork and payments involved in the functioning of a real estate business. It includes submission of reimbursements, tracking the work orders, and transmitting the account receivables to the REO banks.

A few of our other REO Report services include:

  • REO valuation service
  • REO administrative service
  • Customized generation of REO reports

Why Should You Prefer to Collaborate with NexGen Data Entry?

  • An affordable set of the customized and flexible title search and REO report solutions
  • Completely safeguarding the rights of buyers and lenders, without any hassles
  • Secure, instant, economical, and well-organized title search support services
  • Well-experienced team of professionals who have a sound knowledge of advanced technologies
  • Making the best use of automated software and tools to maximize the quality of the mortgage process

Outsourcing the title search and REO report services to the NexGen team can benefit your business in various ways, especially in terms of saving the operational cost. If you wish to streamline your mortgage process, consult our specialists at [email protected].