Outsource Data Enhancement of Customer List Service to NexGen

Our data enhancement services are designed to finally increase the value of your data and allow you to:

  • Fill up the gaps in your database
  • Add data to obtain a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Fine-tune your customer service and marketing efforts

We offer a range of data appending and data enhancement choices for both consumer and business listings. Based on particular segments of a listing name, address and telephone number we can boost your data by attaching missing pieces of data for more correct and complete records.

Data Enhancement Services

Here are some of the data fields we are able to complete:

Address, Phone & Fax number, Zip code, Postal Addresses
Marital Status, Job Title
Income Range
Business Site Type (headquarter vs branch office)
Primary Industry, Sales Volume
Employee Size
Social Network Links
Medical Status Update
Family Updates
Home Value, Children
Information about ethnic households
Customized Information

Data Enhancement Solutions

Our complete range of Data Enhancement Solutions: will make your data more productive. Whether you require targeting consumers or businesses, we can expose revealing information to enhance your data.

Best Email Appending & Reverse Email Append Service

Email and Reverse Email Append: We'll help you personalize and enlarge your marketing efforts to increase your online sales. Email attach overlay deliverable email addresses onto your customer file and returns a fresh, permission-based list with the highest match rates possible. If you have only email addresses, overturn the process and we'll help you get Job Title, Phone and Fax number, Zip code, Postal addresses, Industry, SIC Code, etc to help enrich your data.

Phone Append & Reverse Telephone Number Appending Services

Phone and Reverse Phone Append: Fill in data gaps to develop customer touch points by appending customer phone numbers to the database you have where currently there is only names, emails, or business titles. If you have only phone records, reverse the process and we'll get email and postal address records.

Standard Industrial Classification SIC Code Lookup

Firm Graphics: For taking into the business to business marketing, we can contain contact name, Contact Title, SIC Codes, Primary Industry, Phone/Fax numbers, SIC Code appending sales volume, SIC Code lookup, business site type (headquarter and branch office), employee size.

NCOA: The National Change of Address database, which is similar to the Fast-forward service, contains information on people who have moved within the last 4 years. Save money by holding your addresses current and not mailing to people who no longer live at an outdated address.

Demographics: Aim your messaging for higher response by including home value, occupation, marital status, children, income, and ethnic households-even specialized information like Internet connected households.