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Outsource Catalog Conversion Services

The ascent of eCommerce has resulted in enormous development in the online sales business. As a result, proper income generation can only be ensured by having the apt presence in the online market place. NexGen provide clients with complete catalog conversion services to succeed in their e-commerce business by efficiently maintaining inventories and update them as often as required. We focus in catalog creation and segregation and also perform image capture and catalog updation for our clients.

Cost Effective Catalog Data Entry

We provide cost effective services by using latest customized tools which automatically update catalog pricing and other information regularly based on input from the client. We maintain strict procedures to ensure 100% data accuracy to prevent any loss in business for our clients. We also provide competitor price search, catalog data entry and match services for our clients.

eCommerce Catalog Management Services

Catalog conversion services are for those who are planning to sell products online and/or are about to start an eCommerce website. With quality results and successful deliveries we have already provided similar services to more than 300 clients worldwide. We have efficient process associates for handling catalog conversion, processing and especially for eCommerce catalog management services. Our project deliveries will ensure the efficiency and advanced business necessities of your business catalogs. Our project management team will cross check the possibilities of each and every catalogs are process in a useful manner with apt product information, price details, features suitable for your eCommerce business functions

There are two main factors which have to be looked into to ensure that an online store runs efficiently.
Having eye catching clear images which permit the users to easily see the product and be attracted to buy it instantly.
Functionality of the website which may contain features like interactivity, navigation, competitiveness of pricing and secure payment options with other online sellers.

We have an experienced and resilient team of professionals who are well versed with all kinds of catalog conversion techniques who take care of the first rule and ensure you with a qualitative result. We will assist you in defining categories online and will even ensure that your products are rightly placed in the right categories such that they can get the desired response to the products that are offered through the catalog. Secondly since images also play a vital role in the overall look and feel of your website, so separately from catalog conversion services we also offer image correction and image conversion and mapping data entry services. we also offer image correction and image conversion and mapping data entry services.

By making use of attractive and fascinating images on your website we will ensure to enhance the look of your online catalogs and your website in a way that making it easier for your users to understand the product you want to showcase and increasing chances to make your website a hit in the web world. Our specialty is that we just not only build and index online catalogs for our clients but we also give them a much appealing look and feel by using eye-catching colors, giving angles, photo effects, rotations and other illustrations. In addition to catalog conversion services we also offer catalog processing services. Our experts have built online catalogs for numerous companies in different verticals like engineering, online retail stores, real estates and more.

Save on money, time and efforts with our cost effective solutions and avail our catalog conversion services to get the needed results. Contact us to get more details for our catalog conversion service and also to know how we can help you with your requirements.