Mortgage Valuation

Our client was the head of an expanding valuation firm, which aimed at offering the mortgage valuation services to all the globally based clients. They approached us due to the ineffective maintenance of the challenges related to the mortgage valuation, as they were a start-up and was yet to develop their own identity in the market.

Our client required us to carry out the QC (quality check) of the appraisals. The appraisals came from the individual appraisals, across the world and they had to effectively checked for the quality and accuracies.

Initially, our client wanted us to carry out a paid trial run. We carried out numerous meetings and communications to understand the challenges possessed by them. We developed certain guidelines and instructions for reviewing the appraisal of the customers. We focused on enhancing the quality and ensuring to deliver the review within the stipulated time.

We gave a perfect training for our reviewers so that they could easily handle an increase in the volumes for any of the customer’s lenders.

The output was highly significant and extraordinary. There was a great reduction in the operational costs by nearly 40-50%.

“Their output contained excellent quality and was highly significant and reliable” - Client