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Market Research Support – 6 Game Changing Strategies


Market research is an inevitable service every business need. To understand the target market and to stay updated with the current trends and demand, your business will have to conduct market research regularly. It can be done with market surveys, customer feedback, customer surveys and many other techniques popular in the industry. Businesses often consider outsourcing market research services to competent third parties to benefit from cost-effective techniques they adopt. Outsourcing not only helps to reduce the cost but also to optimize your process to become more productive. As the market and technologies are rapidly changing, the market research support services should also keep abreast with the changing market demand.

Here are 6 game changing strategies you can consider in market research support:

Data Analytics


Data-centric businesses are proven to succeed. Data is the most precious asset for all businesses as it can provide meaningful insights into various aspects such as market demand, customer behavior, sales pattern and more. Such metrics and insights are used by businesses to predict the demand in the near-future and proactively improve their productivity. Data analytics provides deep and meaningful insights into business and market patterns which help the businesses significantly.

Automation has become a prominent feature of many businesses. From manufacturing to marketing, intelligent systems are integrating to facilitate automation of many processes such as inventory replenishment, transaction completion, client communications etc. Automation is made possible when the information provided by data analytics is used by systems integrated with Artificial Intelligence which can take autonomous decisions. In market research support, automation can be achieved using chat bots and virtual assistants.


For all businesses, customer is the king. The data collected and analyzed is used by experts to become more customer-centric in their strategies. This is more likely to help the businesses. The market research helps businesses to be customer-centric with the help of precious information.

Technology-Aided Solutions

Social Media Listening

Technology intervention has revolutionized manufacturing, marketing and communications. Technologies are alleviating most of the pain-points of businesses. When you outsource market research support, the outsourcing partner will ensure the usage of proven technologies to analyze market information. Prediction tools will be fed with this information and used to determine the future demand using technologies.

Social media is a strong source of market and customer information for all types of businesses. Different types of social media networks offer varied and valuable information on customer behavior and the fluctuating market conditions. Social media listening offers instant and continuous information about the target market to plan marketing strategies proactively.

IoT or Internet of Things

IoT is another source of actual customer usage information and their preferences. As data has become the most valuable asset businesses are investing on, IoT offers direct connection with the customers, though one-way, as yet. Many activities such as predictive maintenance can be planned based on the information collected from a competent market research BPO company. The outsourcing partner will offer superior services, data quality and on-time deliverable to make sure their clients benefit from their services.

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