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3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning is the procedure of transforming any physical items into accurate and error-free digital models; it helps you to ensure quick and clear-cut capture of your item’s shape as well as geometries. This procedure supplies a total and up to the mark digital portrayal, the part of your object that can be used for the purpose of reverse engineering and quality inspection or often a typical manufacturing cycle at any point of time as per the requirement.

Usefulness of 3D Scanning Services

3D scanning services have been using widely across the globe for different purposes. The process has been utilizing from cars to boats, aircraft to buildings, from turbine blades to dental implants and mechanical parts. The process provides your business a high-quality digital models, it does not matter how the size of your part. Today’s scanning systems are very much capable for scanning miniature figurines a minimal 4mm high and also can scan a 240’ long jumbo jet, these all can be done with rapidly, accurately and flawlessly with high resolution. Let us have a brief look how 3D scanning services can empower your business.

  • It helps to capture data rapidly.
  • It shortened the production cycles.
  • It helps your business to enhance manufacturing efficacy.
  • It helps your business to improve the quality of product.
  • It also reflects the shop-floor changes with the help of CAD models.
  • It uses to measure the parts.
  • It helps you to analyze the competition.
  • It can create CAD data.
  • It helps you to make parts up to the mark.
  • It helps you to save warehouse space
  • It can capture performance surfaces.

What you can get from NexGen?

At, NexGen we offer systematic and cost-effective 3D scanning services which helps to boost your business efficiency in a short period of time. Our unmatched services are highly appreciated from our countless clients’ across the globe. Our services are well-organized and are extracted from domain professional expertise. We use almost all the latest technologies as per our project need. Our world class highly talented and skilled professionals are dedicated to attain the result for the projects meeting the deadline. We have been servicing our client’s business need from a couple of years, working on a vast range of projects in using variety of platform and technologies. We got extensive experience with a variety of major software such as Rhinoceros, Photomodeler, Rapidform, CATIA, Geomagic, Pro/E and more and scanner combining Konica Minolta, VX Technologies, Handyscan, ROMER, Faro, Metris and more.

At, NexGen we always believe in result oriented problem solving. We are highly dedicated and motivated company. Just tell us about your project and we are ready to provide you 100 percent reliable and trustworthy solution as per your business need. We are great in managing all size of projects, be it small, medium or large one. We are glad to perform small scale to large scale 3D scanning services projects. So if you need for simple STL data for the purpose of 1 part, or category a surfaces of 500 or more parts, just give us a call and we will be there to help you out instantly.