Alert – Kindly note that NexGen Data Entry do all projects in-house and do not entertain outsourcing to a 3rd party or individual.

Outsource Market Research Services to NexGen

Market Research Services

Market research is proving to be an essential part of any business process. It is evaluative to understand one's area of work completely which can be done efficiently by analyzing and collecting information that contributes to a more holistic understanding of market niches, consumers, and marketing programs. Market research aids in providing significant information and in guiding business strategy.

Our Market Research Process:

  • Describe the problem and research objectives
  • Build up the research plan
  • Gather the information
  • Examine the information
  • Present the findings

NexGen Market Research and Analysis Services

  • Data Collection
    *Web Surveys - design, development and hosting
    *Telephone Surveys
    *Email Surveys
    *Secondary Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
    *Statistical analysis using standard packages
    *Cross Tabulation
    *Significance Testing
    *Conjoint Analysis
    *Regression & Correlation

Social Research

We have a team of social scientists who conduct social research in specific fields such as, education, sociology, social psychology, social policy, human geography and social anthropology amongst others. While conducting social research we assure that we use both qualitative and quantitative methods to provide our customers with in-depth social research.

The sociologists give us qualitative methods such as participant observation and focus groups to obtain data. Some of the quantitative methods that are used, include, surveys, secondary analysis and questionnaires of statistical data.

Market Research Services from NexGen BPO

  • Construction Market Research
  • Primary Market Research
  • Technology Market Research
  • Secondary Market Research
  • Media Market Research
  • Market Research Analyst
  • IT Market Research
  • Consumer Market Research
  • Advertising Market Research
  • Medical Market Research
  • Business Market Research
  • Retail Market Research
  • International Market Research
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Global Market Research
  • Automotive Market Research
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Market Research Methods
  • Quantitative Market Research
  • Food Market Research
  • Internet Market Research

We provide a comprehensive range of market research services and presentation of the similar as a complete report that can be used by top level executives. Global quality productivity at reasonable prices is what we deliver.

What we Ensure Business Research is Outsourced

  • Cost savings as high as 40-45%
  • World class quality productions, consistently submitted in strict adherence to time deadlines
  • Way in to high-quality research and analytical skill sets - as and when you require them