Alert – Kindly note that NexGen Data Entry do all projects in-house and do not entertain outsourcing to a 3rd party or individual.

Outsource CAD Conversion Services to NexGen

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Economical CAD Conversion services offered to clients

In this highly competitive world, the businesses should focus on saving their valuable time while making use of better resources. NexGen Data entry offers the best solution in data entry. We have earned this expertise with years of experience and have taken the liberty of offering the latest and updated solutions to customers so that they can easily expand their business. For our clients it's possible to save their valuable time with our CAD solution. Our clients who come from diverse background like engineering, architectural and mechanical get surely benefited by converting their drawing into digital format with the help of our conversion team.

Why choose us for CAD conversion services?

We can proudly say that we can offer you the best service in this domain when it comes to economy, speed and accuracy.

  • Economy: Our surprisingly low cost solutions will offer you with high accurate services, no matter what kind of project we are handling, we generate the standards that are expected by our clients and also deliver them exactly up to the same level.
  • Accuracy: We hire skilled professionals who are proficient and have knowledge as well as experience in handling varied projects. Our professionals can easily check the drawings to exactly match the scope of specifications offered by customers.
  • Speed: Deadlines of the projects need to be maintained. There are many managers who engage us for converting their paper images into CAD as soon as the project commences. Our BPO services professional can handle the basic copying as well as drawing of image that set from the beginning. They are responsible for doing the technical modifications and also work for new design.

What can you expect from us as a Cad Conversion Company?

  • Perfect accuracy
  • Capable of handling different sizes of projects
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Using of suitable fonts, style etc.
  • Output to suitable formats

Our graphic services have the ability to convert thousands of pare drawings into electronic CAD format for clients. If you are having any kind of problem with image scanning, 3D or 2D drawings, then we are ready to solve it with pleasure along with CAD conversion. We can efficiently handle different levels of work like easy drawing that involves text copied or line work to difficult one that needs can be done manually.

Quality control of NexGen Cad Conversion Services

The authentic drawing existence is scaled manually for actual dimensions and they are redrawn while making use of the scanned image a reference background. Unclear and difficult to interpret data on authentic document is placed on "doubt" layer in CAD file. Once the initial drafter completes their manual redrawing, a second drafter will be in charge of reviewing the CAD file and also compare it with the paper document while making the necessary adjustments. Our Quality control team & process team leaders ensures 100% quality levels of CAD projects produced by our expert CAD draftsman team